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Sell server business properly

Server Business
February 16, 2018

Today, I begin my contribution quoting the well-known industry analyst Rachel Chalmers:

“Every single company is redefining itself as an information company. […] They will contact external providers, helping them to manage the Internet of Things. The internal infrastructure will not be able to cope with this huge data stream. It will not disappear, but expanded by cloud resources. “*

We at SIGN FOR COM support this opinion and believe that in the age of digitization the topics Internet of Things (IOT) and the associated embedded software are indispensable from everyday business life. After all, they should facilitate information exchange and communication between man and machine. In particular, the focus is on interconnecting physical and virtual objects.

Stay competitive

Server Business is growing well compared to PC Business from which even small and medium-sized companies can benefit even though competitive pressure also increases in this sector. To be competitive a well-functioning IT infrastructure is the most important requirement these days. And this is our starting point for supporting you as our customer and position your server & storage products with potential prospects.

From cloud platforms to server / storage systems

AYour customers have certainly heard of these terms but ask themselves where to start with all this all technical jargon? My colleagues and I are the right contact persons for this. Together with you, we define which solutions you can offer to your customers and which target groups fit your services best. In doing so, we rely on years of experience in the server sector, storage, data center and cloud service providers. In this environment in particular it is important to advice and support resellers just as target oriented as end users.

What can we contribute?

No one can sell a server or storage system with a phone call. We do not either! But we can arouse interest and place the right information in a targeted way. Besides, we can generate Sales Ready leads from your prospects with timely follow-ups for the benefit of your business.

We are in regular contact to suggest helpful measures and make motivating offers, which are perfectly tailored to your products or services. In order to achieve the best possible result for you a team of well-trained agents comes first. Only if we ourselves understand the technology behind your products and services we can understand and fulfill your individual customer requirements. Professional telephone training on a regular basis and the commitment of our employees complement our professional approach.

However, it is also about integrating the markets and trends into daily work and adapting projects accordingly. All this for the purpose of meeting the IT leaders and resellers on an equal level and communicate with them knowledgeable. For us, close cooperation with distributors and manufacturers is very important. With an empathic sense of personal conversation and extensive experience in the telemarketing sector, we are able to work precisely and efficiently in the following areas:

  • BYOS(Build Your Own Server) – Events
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Coverage of resellers

So we not only have many years of experience in telemarketing and sales campaigns, but we are also in close contact with all relevant interfaces.

* The Internet of Things: A Boom for Hosting: http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2012/09/20/the-internet-of-things-a-boom-for-hosting/


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Lukas Podsiedlik

I have been part of the project management team at SIGN FOR COM since 2014. My focus is in Eastern Europe and in customer projects in the area of ​​IOT and Embedded.