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With our SALES SERVICE TOOLS in outbound marketing you can easily achieve more and leave the competition behind!

Dialogmarketing in 27 Sprachen in 55 Ländern.


Mailing follow-up calls Would you like to introduce a new product or service and have planned a mail delivery? Then our team takes over the professional follow-up and makes contact by telephone, references and the information that you have sent and transfers the interested contact to you. Well informed prospective customers and customers make a sales decision more quickly.

Market Analysis Would you like to position your products/services in a new sector or internationally? We are analyzing your possibilities in a new market. Determine whether, when and what needs your potential customers have, and which target groups have the highest sales potential.

Mystery-Calls Do your customers use different communication channels with your company? In order to check the quality of service and compliance with service standards, we will carry out test calls for you. Mystery Calling is evaluated according to criteria you set. You get an objective impression of your service and consulting quality and can train your employees if necessary.

Address and Decision Maker Qualification Do you want to update your own data? We qualify your address data and determine the desired decision-maker. On the basis of this up-to-date data, you can analyze the potential in your databases and plan a promising telemarketing action.

Determining your needs would you like to determine the demand for your products, services and solutions in a specific target group? We encourage your potential customers to get the first information about your products / services. According to your pre-approved query criteria, we will enrich your records with information.

Event-Management or Invitation Management You are planning a roadshow, a customer event or an exhibition event? In order to make these activities successful and to achieve maximum benefits, we support you in the planning, execution and success of your event. This includes both pre- and post-processing with direct contact to prospective customer and customers. We support you in the preparation of professional conversation concepts, announce your event at an early stage, qualify prospective customers, ship personalized invitations and arrange concrete talks. We monitor your registration management and optimize the participant presence through reminders. Through satisfaction calls for in-house events, customer events or roadshows, you will learn about the imprint and impact on image, customer loyalty and customer interest.

Dialogmarketing in 27 Sprachen in 55 Ländern.


Lead management Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing Processes
Would you like to turn potential customers into actual customers? We identify decision-makers, and above all decision-making processes for the use of your solutions. We stimulate interest among your potential customers and can push forward the cross-selling of your products. We advise you in this area individually according to your personal requirements.

Arrange an Appointment A personal customer interview “eye-to-eye" cannot be replaced by anything, as every salesperson knows. As IT outbound specialists with experience, know-how and appropriate communication techniques, we take the first hurdle and arrange appointments for your sales on the spot. Thanks to our good pre-qualification, your sales experts will be able to communicate their communication strengths in a personal conversation, concentrate on their core business and their actual task and, above all, sell it.

Product Sales Increase your sales through the direct product sales. Our specially trained agents inform your customers and prospective customers about your products and new products and sell them directly on the phone. Of course, we also forward contact requests from interested parties immediately to your sales department.

Customer Reactivation Do you have inactive customers? Have the needs and buying motives changed or was the customer not satisfied with the quality of the product or service? We evaluate the reasons and reactivate your customers by offering new information or special promotions.

Dialogmarketing in 27 Sprachen in 55 Ländern.
Dialogmarketing in 27 Sprachen in 55 Ländern.


Sales and customer acquisition The continuous support of active customers and trade partners and the acquisition of new sales partners / traders is necessary to generate growth. This outsourced distribution channel is gaining in significance within the sales concept of many companies. We help you to expand your sales potential through close contact with resellers, system houses and distributors. For this, we determine who is the appropriate person and who is interested in working with you. Together with you we develop the concept for a project in the national and international environment. In a the first meeting SIGN FOR COM presents your company, your service and products. We identify potential resellers and gain and register new partners.

Customer support In order to effectively promote the sales of your products effectively, we offer your Sales Team a wide range of support (ege.g. with our ChannelPartnerPackages, etc …). We are regularly in touch with your Team, providing support in the interest of your Partner Programs as well as many motivating offers. An agent team, specially trained for your products / services provides your channel partners with valuable leads and up-to-date information. Accompanying your customers / dealers in the day-to-day business Generation of end customer leads for your business partners. Coordination of your information channels (chat, email, telephone, mail).


Address and data management Matching, analyzing, selecting and professional processing of address and customer data.

E-mail service Creation and dispatch of, (i.e.) newsletters, product info and invitations.

Translation service (i.e.) for Action-Questionnaires

Reporting service Well -Timed- Hot-Lead reports and informative project reports.

Presentation-Service Creation and graphical preparation of evaluations.

Consulting service Development of individual and strategic campaign concepts.

All-in-Service Heartfelt sales support with continuous and comprehensive use of all sales service tools.



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We have not been disappointed and SIGN FOR COM has proved itself as a flexible partner who holds their promises.

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Thanks to the competence, especially in the IT sector, we have always received high quality results from SIGN FOR COM.

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