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Inbound Marketing – All the way starting from Customer Care Service till temporary Inbound projects

Dialogmarketing in 27 Sprachen in 55 Ländern.


Regardless whether you want to be contacted via phone, email, SMS, Fax or Social Media – we provide top level professional customer service to our customers. At SIGN FOR COM we consider competence in customer service, wide range of communication channels and the ideal service times to be the most important components of an excellent Customer Care Center. Data Security and protection of personal data are guaranteed by our Data Security Officer.

Customer Service – our competence team answers incoming calls as well as written inquiries and ensures a smooth process for your customers – without undue delays. Detailed skill adaptation and regular trainings make sure that our agents speak your customer´s tongue.

Infoline – you would like to outsource your Infoline? The SIGN FOR COM Competence Team is the right partner for you, handling your customers´ and prospects´ inquiries via phone, email, SMS, Fax or Social Media and provide a professional reply.

Marketing Support – You´re planning a large Marketing campaign and require a point of contact for prospects and customers? SIGN FOR COM answers incoming calls and written inquiries and redirects them after evaluation to the correct contact person in your organization.

Dialogmarketing in 27 Sprachen in 55 Ländern.


First-Level-Support – You would like to provide a Single Point of Contact for all support requests? Our First-Level-Support is in charge of capturing and processing all incoming support requests. Our trained agents provide a first line of support, because well supported customers become repeating customers more easily.

Second-Level-Support – When things get technical, our IT specialists like to support in more complex cases. They take care of inquiries the First-Level-Support couldn´t handle.

Tracking – Incoming calls are answered professionally, processed and documented. If required, our SIGN FOR COM competence team outlines scenarios like escalation patterns, tracking call motivations, etc.

Dialogmarketing in 27 Sprachen in 55 Ländern.
Dialogmarketing in 27 Sprachen in 55 Ländern.


Order processing – In many cases the order processing team is the first direct contact a customer has with your company. Especially if your products and services require some explanation, some intensive and competent consultation is essentially important. Our agents always react friendly and individually and pick your customer up from wherever they might be. We clarify the first questions and act as first and important contact in customer relationship management.

Regardless if your focus is B2B or B2C, we are available through all communication channels your customers might choose.

Dialogmarketing in 27 Sprachen in 55 Ländern.


Our Back Office Service like to take care of processes in the background, so you can dedicate your attention to your core business. With the SIGN FOR COM Team you can choose between different service module or book several parallel services.

Secretariat/Registry – Focusing on the essentials puts you ahead; so you should avoid interruptions in your daily work routine. Our agents answer your calls for you and inform you about everything relevant. You can rely on your callers not to realize that you have outsourced this service.

Office Service – You would like even more support in the background? In addition to your secretariat or registry SIGN FOR COM can manage all other tasks as well, like creating offers, after sales calls or the targeted distribution of information to your customers or prospects.

Calendar Management – We manage your scheduling. By sharing your calendar we can offer scheduled callbacks or on-site appointments and send out confirmations to your customers or prospects.

Dialogmarketing in 27 Sprachen in 55 Ländern.



Utesch Media Processing GmbH, Hamburg

We have not been disappointed and SIGN FOR COM has proved itself as a flexible partner who holds their promises.

Nadine Wagner


Exact Software GmbH Business Software

Thanks to the competence, especially in the IT sector, we have always received high quality results from SIGN FOR COM.

Jürgen Stallbommer

Marketing management


With us as a strong partner you alleviate your sales team, expand your customer base, strengthen your customer loyalty and increase your sales. Request a free consultation now.